Hemisphere induction furnace circuit diagram you want here

Hemisphere induction furnace circuit diagram you want here

Now, in order to avoid the use of gas stoves in order to avoid cooking, the use of gas furnaces, so the use of the induction cooker is more frequent, but cooking and cooking, it avoids can’t touch, so sometimes the motor is easily faulty. It can be difficult to fill the people who don’t know, once they encounter faults, specializing in repairing is a big sum of money, and it is very troublesome, but also waiting for the staff to repair, and consume money I spent another time, I don’t have to be so troublesome if I know some skills. Let’s take a look at the hemispherical electromagnetic furnace circuit diagram for repair.


2 There are electric rice cookers, electric pressure cookers, induction cookers, gas stoves, gas water heaters, pumping hoods and disinfection cabinets, a total of more than 150 varieties. For more than 40 years, through the continuous joint expansion, it has developed into a large enterprise group company from a small hardware factory. The hemisphere induction is the main product of hemisphere, which has been invested in many people and material resources. It has made improvements in many design, and strive to do better.

The variety of hemisphere induction furnaces is different, and the performance is different. Here is two types of 25mm ultra-thin electric cookers and cloud cings to deepen everyone’s understanding of hemisphere products.

Nowadays, people are increasingly pursuing slimming design, with only 25mm ultra-thin electromagnetic furnace thickness, fully satisfying everyone’s slim demand, and has been more popular for one year. However, someone will worry that such a thin body will not reduce performance. Otherwise, hemisphere uses a unique patented micro-cloth line knot, modular precision layout, comprehensively considering each functional module, and more efficient energy saving.

The current large city family has basically started using an electromagnetic furnace, because the induction cooker is more safe and convenient for gas, and today Xiaobian told everyone a hemisphere induction furnace circuit.

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