Low power consumption, non-low power triode one-button switch circuit diagram

Low power consumption, non-low power triode one-button switch circuit diagram

First, a low-power one-button switch circuit, this circuit is characterized by the shutdown, all the triodes are almost unable to consume.

低功耗的一键开关机电路.jpg The principle is simple:

The current accumulation characteristics of the input state (non-door) characteristic and capacitance using the output of Q10. The emission tunnel of Q6 and Q10 is shorted when the emission of Q6 and Q10 is shorted, so the Q6 and Q10 are closed, and the current consumption current consumption is only 0.1ua, the L_OUT output is high, and the H_OUT output is low. At this time, C3 is slowly charged by R22, which is finally equal to the VCC voltage. When S3 is pressed, C3 is discharged via R26, Q10 is quickly saturated, and Q6 is also saturated, H_out becomes high, when C3 is discharged to Q10BE C3 is no longer discharged when the 0.7V is about 0.7V. When the button spring C3 will be further discharged to Q10, the saturation pressure drop is about 0.3 V, and the S3, Q10 is turned off again.

This circuit can perfectly solve the problem of button jitter and long press button jump gear. The switch status flip only occurs at the moment of the button contact, and then the switch state is not affected even if the button is shaped or the key button is not affected. . This is because the resistance of R22 is large (relative to R23, R26, R25) When the voltage of the C3 capacitance is stabilized, the R22 is not sufficient to change the switch state of Q10, and the R22 must change the state of Q10 must wait for S3 to bounce back C3. The small current flowing through the R22 accumulates, and then the state of the Q10 is changed by reacting the fast large current release through the instantaneous moment of S3.

Non-low-power triode one-button switch circuit:

This prototype is from the Internet, the parameters are adjusted, the principle and the first low The power consumption circuit is similar to this is no longer described. The above two circuits have been deeply understood, and then the topic of this post is first-click three-speed circuit:

This circuit is actually the integration of the first two circuits in this post, can be realized Low power consumption and 1 gear, 2 files, shutdown, etc. 3 gear. At the beginning of the power-on, due to the Q1, Q4, Q5 becomes a resistor, all three-poles cut off the circuit low-power standby, and C3 starts charging to the VCC voltage. When S1 is pressed, Q5Saturation, while Q1 is also saturated, L_out1 outputs low level Q4 cut -> Q3 cutoff, Q2 saturation, C3 discharge is 0.3V (Q5 saturation pressure drop). Press S1, Q5 cut-off L_out1 output high level -> Q2 cutoff, Q4 saturation L_out2 output low level, due to the delay of R4 and C1, Q3 will delay saturation, can ensure that Q3 is complete after the Q3 base is only Low level, so Q2, Q3 will not saturation. When the S1 is pressed again, Q5 is changed to saturated L_out1 again to output low levels -> Q2 saturation (simultaneous Q4 is closed), Q3 saturation delay -> Q1 cut off, the circuit enters the standby state. 非低功耗的三极管一键开关机电路.jpg

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