What is the mouse can’t be dragged? How to solve this problem?

In daily work, have you encountered a mouse to use normal, you can do other operations, but is it possible to drag files? What is the mouse can’t be dragged? What is going on below? Methods one by one, I hope to help everyone.

Everyone is working in daily work, can be used in normal operation, but other operations can not be dragged, but what is the case of being dragged? What is the mouse not to drag the file? The following small series produced on this issue Causes and treatment methods one by one, I hope to help everyone.


Causes of faults

What is the problem of mouse can’t be dragged? The following is the following: 1 System folder DLLCache damage To; 2 mouse is locked or damaged by mouse; 3 Unused system processes or desktop icons are locked; 4 After installing or uninstalling software; 5 keyboard reading is issued; 6 system problems; 7 drive problems .

What is the mouse cannot be dragged? The reason is found, the method of processing the fault: 1 Continuous Press ESC button twice; 2 Determine the mouse There is no lock, the mouse is automatically arranged, there is no way to the grid, if there is an offsetting the pair of hooks; 3 Click “Start” Enter gpedit.msc in the “Run” box, open the group policy window, then follow Open the User Configuration window, manage template windows, Windows components, and task planning program windows. Find the “Modify Drop” option to modify its properties, restart your computer, easily solve the problem that the mouse cannot drag files.

What is going to introduce the mouse not to drag the file? Find the reason for the mouse fault, using the above processing methods, this problem is solved, if the computer has another similar problem , You can solve the problem very quickly.

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