What is the characteristic of glass film capacitance? How to choose quality when purchasing?

The capacitance is an important component in the electrical appliance, the model and type of the capacitance are very much, which is convenient for people to choose better. Of course, when using, it is also reasonable to match, then what is the characteristics of the glass film capacitance? Following Xiaobian looks together.

Capacitor is now important components in electrical appliances, the model and species of capacitors are very good, which is convenient for people to choose better, of course, it is also reasonable to match, then the glass film capacitance is characterized What? Let’s take a look at Xiaobian.

Can work at a higher temperature (about 700C), itself does not decompose. And has a low thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant, medium loss, and other characteristics [2].

Charge and discharge characteristics

It has the ability to charge and discharge characteristics and prevent DC current, allowing AC current through ability. During charging and discharging, the charge on the two-pole plate has a accumulation process, that is, the voltage is established, so the voltage on the capacitor cannot be mutated.


of the capacitor

The two plates are equipped with an equal amount of heterogeneous charge, and the absolute value of each polar plate is called the amount of charge of the capacitor.

Capacitor discharge

Capacitor two-pole positive and negative charge is neutralized. There is a short current generated on the wire during the discharge process [2].

Glass film capacitance

玻璃膜电容 How to choose a good quality glass film capacitor

1: Select a larger manufacturer

The glass film capacitance is different from the ordinary electrical components, so it is necessary to refine in the process, so that the production of the products can be guaranteed in quality, and combined with the current glass film capacitance production status, some larger factories It does not have the conditions for producing high quality glass film capacitors, so we want to get good quality and guaranteed glass film capacitors, we need to select large-scale manufacturers.

Second: The more advanced the technology, the more advanced

In fact, with time, no matter whether it is in the field of science and technology, it is related to life, the advancement of technology can promote the product’s quality The level of requirements is developed, while the glass film capacitors also require advantageous technologies to further optimize and upgrade, so we should understand the manufacturer from multiple levels when choosing a manufacturer, especially the level of its technology is very important. This directly affects whether we can get high quality glass film capacitors.

Glass film capacitance

Glass film capacitance is a very good electrical component, and the capacitor should pay attention to reasonable choice, so that the capacitor can be easily completed. Relevant work to ensure that capacitors are more reasonable.

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