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2021 TWS headphones market continues to expand, or will become the next 1 billion product after the smartphone, Shenzhen 2021 / US News /

2021 TWS headset market continues to expand, or will become a 1 billion product after the smartphone

Shenzhen 2021, 2021 / US News / – (Shenzhen) ELEXCON Electronics Exhibition and Embedded System Exhibition will be grandly opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 1-3, 2021. It will give full play to the advantages of local resources, promote the sharing of sharing of China’s electronic whole industry chain, with the theme of “focusing electronic technology innovation and industrial chain”, comprehensive display of 5G, AIOT, big data, embedded technology, integrated circuits, New technology, new products and new programs in the fields of automobile intelligence technology, intelligent manufacturing, Beidou satellite, gathered from exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions around the world, with dozens of professional technical forums, inviting over 100 global industry thinks And expert speech.

Exhibition scene, ELEXCON Electronics Show will also create “TWS and wearable technology zones”, gathering domestic and foreign industry faucets show Bluetooth master, audio, power management, touch New products and programs such as control, beta, human-machine interaction, sensor, continue to “carnival” in the TWS full industry chain.

TWS headphones VS smart phone 1 billion scale history is amazing similarity

September 2016, Apple was released The first generation of AirPods and launched AirPods Pro to support the active noise reduction in 2019. According to the statistics of the market research institution, the global shipments of TWS headphones in 2016 were only 9.18 million, 2018 increased to 46 million pairs, and more than 250 million pairs were estimated 2020.

ELEXCON Electronics Exhibition Exploration TWS Headphones Industry Chain In the last three years, the global shipments of TWS headphones must be Double, if you continue to maintain such a strong growth momentum, 2023 is expected to exceed 1 billion points. In all previous consumer electronics products, only smartphones exceed this levelMarket size. From June 2007, Apple opened iPhone to 2013 global shipments broke through 1 billion, smartphones spent 6 years; now in the same short time, TWS headphones are expected to go from zero to billion course.

Interestingly, the TWS headset market is likely to repeat the market pattern of smartphones: first started by Apple and occupied the dominance, then other manufacturers flocked into Then, the apple is destined to the high end, the low-low end is mainly occupied by Chinese manufacturers.

In fact, this situation is happening. According to the report of CounterPoint Research, Apple also accounted for 60% of the global TWS headset in the fourth quarter of 2018; in the second quarter of 2020, although Apple shipments are still growing rapidly, the market share has fallen. 35%. Xiaomi rushed to the world with a 10% market share, Samsung got 6% of the market share of the third. The head manufacturer of the global smartphone also became the top three of the TWS headset.

On the back of the TWS headset market in the wind, up to the brand, down to the core parts manufacturers, the entire industry has long started a fierce supply chain to grab the battle, and Become a commissioning chain of China’s electronics industry, seizes the key one of the global supply chain market.

September 2, 2021, “TWS Headphones Key Technical Seminar” will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan). The popular topics of the conference include: Bluetooth master chip, sensor (heart rate sensor, acceleration sensor, etc.), power management IC, fast charge and wireless charging, noise reduction technology and program, screen and touch technology, storage (Flash, etc.), mainstream operation System and cloud platform. At the same period of the conference, ELEXCON Electronics Show will also create “TWS and wearable technology area”, gathering domestic and foreign industry faucets show Bluetooth main control, audio, power management, touch, test, human machine interaction, sensor and other technology new products and programs , Continue to “carnival” in the TWS full industry chain.

TWS Supply ChainWhat is the degree of domestic alternative? 5 major core parts, OEM / ODM

In the long parts supply chain behind the TWS headset: master Bluetooth chip, battery, noise reduction chip, MEMS microphone, The sensor five core devices are an important direction in which the industry is continuously developed. my country’s TWS headset supply chain is gradually mature, and most of the supply sections can basically achieve self-sufficiency through domestic alternatives, but still face “out of the sea” to grab the abundance of foreign giants, the core competitiveness is unbalanced.

Master Bluetooth Chip: Chip Original Factory and Mobile Phone War Factory

Master Bluetooth Chip Technology Level The high and low directly determines the key performance of the connection stability, power consumption, delay of the headset, and is also where the apple patented barrier is most.

At this stage, in addition to the apples of the self-developing chip, the suppliers of the main controlled Bluetooth chip program on the market are roughly divided into two categories, one is the chip of the main chip Original factory, such as Juda, Hengxuan, Rui, Dialog, Zhongke, Blue News, and Jie: Second, mobile phone chip vendors expanded to the main controlled Bluetooth chip, including Qualcomm, UNAVIC and Zeuang Exhibition.

Among them, China, OPPO, Xiaomi, Baidu, Wan magic sound studies have used local chip vendors. Although JBL, Iron Triangle and Philips and other foreign brands also tried to give orders to domestic manufacturers, but more test water, the order is not large.

Sony, JBL, Amazon, Bose, B & O, Microsoft and other internationally renowned brand manufacturers of TWS headphones, more favored Qualcomm, Lianfa, Rui, etc. Overseas or China Taiwan Solutions of chip vendors. At the same time, there are also domestic brands such as the Snapers, Boardi, Cool, I, Vivo and OPPO to choose some of the foreign chip manufacturers.

Battery: local battery manufacturer supply chain mature

Battery for TWS headphones and charging box parts Vital, costTWS headphones 10% to 20% of total costs.

The TWS headset battery is mainly three types of button batteries, polymer batteries, needle-type batteries. Among them, the buckle battery is small, which can efficiently use the internal space of the headset. It is the current mainstream battery solution; the polymer battery is more soft package battery, the volume is larger than the button battery, the price is relatively low; needle battery The price is also low, but the energy density is also low, and the market is relatively small.

Currently, the main TWS headset battery suppliers include: Germany Varta, Chongqing Zijian Electronics, Guangdong Guoguang Electronics, Huizhou Yiwei Lithium, Guangzhou Penghui Energy, Jiangxi, the lithium industry, etc. The domestic brand is basically the main model of local battery manufacturers, including Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO and other mobile phone manufacturers, and traditional audio manufacturers such as Wan magic, Anker, and rambler. The foreign brand mainly uses Varta, including apple, Bose, B & O, Samsung, Sony, Amazon, etc., especially for apple supplies.

But there are also some foreign brand orders that gradually move towards domestic. Due to the lack of capacity of VARTA, a large number of orders of Samsung turned to billions of lithium (JBL is the main customer of Penghui Energy.

Noise reduction chip: two programs route development, local players are rare

Active noise reduction (ANC) function It is undoubtedly one of the core competitiveness of the TWS headset brand. Its technology is far more complicated than what we imagined, and it is necessary to optimize and regulate the noise reduction chip, microphone and noise reduction algorithm.

Single from the noise reduction chip, there are two main forms of active noise reduction solutions in the current industry: one is integrated active noise reduction in the master Bluetooth chip. Such as Qualcomm, Huawei, Jinda, Ruijing, Hengxuan, Zhongke Blue News, etc .; there is a brand of high-pass programs including Sony, VIVO, Birds (Libratone); Has use Huawei, OPPO; There are millets in the prime scheme; Sony is used in a row.

Second, there is a direct development of a noise reduction chip, such as AMS, ADI, DIALOG. Including Bose, Huawei, Amazon, Birds and other brands have some products using Adi solutions; Paimet, Meizu, Dyplay, Fiil, TopPers, Linner and other brands use AMS solutions.

MEMS microphone: Gore PK US floor, medium and low-end players Chasing

The MEMS microphone has the characteristics of small size, high process efficiency, good stability, low power consumption and high signal-to-noise ratio.

According to market research institutions, MMS, in 2019, in the 2019 Global MEMS microphone market, the top six manufacturers were Gormanders, Rui Sheng Technology, sensitive Shares, Deli Electroacoustic, Lou Electronics, Typical Semiconductor, Total Market Share A 35%, including 48% of the top four Chinese manufacturers, and half-waters in the overall market.

Yumel shares and Rui Sheng Technology are mainly high-end markets, including apple, Samsung, etc., continuously compete with the US Fortune Electronics; Sensitivity Shares and Shares Electroacoustic is more concentrated in the medium and low-end market, including Sony, millet, Baidu, Motorola, etc. However, in addition to the sensitive core shares, some manufacturers such as Guier Sonic have not mature MEMS sensor independent design capabilities, more directly to the British Ling to purchase MEMS sensors, processing into MEMS microphone products and then sell.

Sensor: The high-end market is still mainstream of foreign giant scheme

During the use of TWS headphones, users Every time you wear, tap, touch, and buttons, you will involve the sensor, which is high for its sensitivity and accuracy.

Currently, the sensor solutions in the market include pressure sensors, (infrared) proximity sensors, accelerator sensors, bone vibration sensors, etc. Sonic,Jetteng Optoelectronics, New Tie Rui Technology, Core Sea Technology, Rejective Technology, etc.

Optimal Semiconductor is one of the most important suppliers in the field of sensors, and their products relate to optical sensors, speech acceleration sensors, etc., achieving noise reduction, interaction, and voice control. Equisical, including Apple, Amazon, Millet, Glory, Vivo, Google, and other brands of high-end TWS headphones are used to use the sensor solutions for semiconductors.

In the in-ear detection, touch sensor, my country has a summit technology, and the core sea technology is in this track. Among them, the summit technology has developed an ear detection and touch 2-in plan, which enables automatic sleep / wakeup, master-slave switching, music automatic start and other functions, customers cover OPPO, VIVO, one plus, Baidu and other vendors.

OEM / ODM: China forming a more complete foundry industry chain

Today, my country has formed a A batch of mature TWS earphone foundrs, especially in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region, and the development of small and medium-sized foundry for Huaqiang North Village AirPods is very popular.

ELEXCON Electronics Exhibition Exploration TWS Headphones Industry Chain On the one hand, my country’s traditional electroacoustic products ODM / OEM factory: Jiahe intelligence, Yitong Communication, TV sound, Chaoyang Technology, Hoheng Acoustics, Chuangliang, etc. Are turning to TWS headphones and has won domestic major customers (Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, etc.) and international brands (Harman, Amazon, Samsung, Iron Triangle, etc.). On the other hand, domestic precision manufacturing leading enterprises: Geor Shares Option.

In advance layout electronics, seize the leader of the booth, immediately book the ELEXCON Electronics Exhibition, 3/5/7 of Shenzhen International Convention Center, September 1-3, 2021, Get gather 5g, AI and edge computing, smart medical, TWS and wear, China core exclusive, third-generation semiconductor, car network and automatic driving, SIP system level package and advanced manufacturingInternet of Things solutions.

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