Honeywell 10 Great Innovation Technology 2020

Shanghai January 11/16/201/2010 is an unusual year, the global new crown epidemic also inspired innovation while bringing challenges.

Shanghai January 11, 2021 / US News, 2020 is an unusual year, swept the global new crown epidemic, also inspiring innovation while bringing challenges. In response to market changes, Honeywell quickly transformed manufacturing facilities, producing millions of N95 masks, helping medical staff and government agencies against epidemic. While protecting the epidemic, we are also constantly creating new technologies, helping all walks of life to welcome a better future.

Honeywell 10 Great Innovation Technology


Here is 2020 Honeywell’s top 10 innovation technology:

Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology

Over the years, oil and gas The industry has always been used to check the gas leakage. The new crown epidemic response to this technology found new application scenarios. So Honeywell Thermorebellion, which precisely temperatures with infrared imaging techniques and artificial intelligence algorithms. When people go through the high-resolution thermal imaging instrument, the machine can detect the body temperature.

Airport, factory, enterprise, school, and large-scale event places can use this body temperature monitoring solution to conduct non-contact real-time screening throughout the entrance. This technology has been put into use in New York Kennedy International Airport, USA.

Quantum calculation becomes a reality

2020, Honeywell released 128 quantum volume SYSTEM Model H1 Quantum computers, and successfully put into commercial use to meet business customers to include quantum calculations to the needs of technical roadmaps.

The quantum computer focuses on reducing errors and providing high quality operations, providing accurate and reliable calculation results for problems in the current traditional arithmetic approach, is getting more and more trust. As the problem continues to evolve and exceed the scope of the traditional computer, the trust of relevant technical accuracy is critical.

UAV collision technology

INTUVUE RDR-84K light radar system can accurately detect air traffic, bird Class flight and weather conditions.

The system not only detects obstacles, but also provides alternative navigation and assisting automatic precision landing in the case of primary navigation failure. This innovation technique replaces other sensors, reducing weight and saving space, which is essential for urban air vehicles such as urban air vehicles and drones such as air taxi.

Millions of masks

medical staff who fight in new crown epidemic needed to treat patients Personal protective equipment. To this end, Honeywell has transformed the world’s existing manufacturing facilities to expand the N-95 mask product capacity to meet the needs of the first-line workers.

Building a mask production line usually requires about nine months. But for the rapid spread of new crown viruses, this process must be accelerated. Only five weeks, Honeywell added a N95 mask production line in the factory in Rhodes, USA, and successfully put production in April 2020.

Since China, since its outbreak new coronary virus pneumonia, Honeywell is highly concerned about the development of the epidemic and take emergency action. During the Spring Festival of 2020 and during the Spring Festival, Honeywell organizes relevant partners in a timely partner to adjust inventory and logistics to maximize the supply of protective materials. It has supplied more than 20 million masks for the market, and the company has actively cooperated with the government. Supply supply of first-line staff protective supplies in severe cases.

With the new crown epidemic, the office has become empty. But buildings such as manufacturing facilities and hospitals must be maintained. We use air quality and security analysis technology to help buildings more limited to potential pollution risks, including double monitoring of building environment and household behavior.

Our technology helps to achieve a safe building environment, so that residents can reach with peace of mind. Honeywell’s health building solutions can meet all kinds of buildings, and can provide custom solutions for senior commercial buildings, airports, hotels, medical institutions, stadiums, schools.

Cabin UV cleaning system

Honeywell cabin ultraviolet cleaning system in the cabin pair, seat Ultraviolet cleaning treatment of high frequency contact surfaces such as a aisle, a trunk.

UV is used as disinfection is not innovative. According to the International UV Society (IUVA), UV is used to give drinking water, wastewater and other substance disinfection have about 40 years. But it is a big innovation to the aircraft cabin, which can complete the cleaning of the narrow-body machine cabin within 10 minutes.

The particles in the air have nothing to do. With air detectors, we can analyze air samples from technology and record these images to the clouds to analyze spores, pollen, and other suspended particles.

HVAC (HVAC) technicians can take snapshots for air shooting in the house with artificial intelligence-driven powerful holographic microscopes, eliminating the waiting time to send samples to the laboratory .

From the fire alarm system to industrial facilities, Honeywell is committed to promoting global Remote operation transformation. For example, Honeywell Interconnect Life Safety System helps fire technical personnel cloud controlling building anti-fire panels. In addition, the Honeywell Process Control Department successfully transformed into remote operations in an important process control facility in Orange, Texas, USA.

Many facility maintenance teams face personnel shortages, as well as dilemma of the site due to shutdown. Remote operationCan solve such problems and execute a key task while reducing the number of on-site personnel.

Based on machine learning network security

Once there is a hacker attack industrial network environment, Honeywell is based on Applications for machine learning will be found in the first time.

The security issues in industrial control systems and industrial networking technologies are increasingly important. Communication abnormal may indicate that hardware issues, abnormal conditions, security, and configuration issues, and even network attacks.

3D Print Aircraft Engine Parts

Honeywell uses 3D printing technology (known as “add materials “)”) Has created the first aircraft engine components that are critical to flight.

With 3D printing key components, the manufacturer can improve the production speed of parts and achieve small volume production. 3D printing The metal powder layer is fused by laser, and the assembly is constructed from the bottom to top.

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