Intertek and Olezhi reached a strategic cooperation to promote new development of lighting markets

Guangzhou January 21, 2021 / US News / – January 19, Intertek Tianxiang Group and Guangzhou Panyu Ole Lingming Electric Co., Ltd. (below

Guangzhou January 21 / US Department / – January 19, Intertek Tianxiang Group and Guangzhou Panyu Ole Lingming Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ole Lighting”) in Panyu Oleg The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation was held, which officially concluded strategic partnerships. The two sides will combine their own advantages to strengthen cooperation in the fields of intelligent control systems and intelligent lighting products. The Intertek Electronics Division South China Director Xie Xiujie Xie Xiujie is attended by Mr. Olei Wucheng, Panyu, and signed an agreement.

Intertek and Ole Light reached a strategic cooperation

Intertek与奥莱照明达成战略合作 As China’s largest sensor and One of the sensor lamp manufacturers, Ole Light is always committed to providing intelligent lighting overall solutions for commercial, industrial, construction, office, home, security and other fields. Intertek and Panyu Alley have continued to provide ETL, CB, CE, FCC, RoHS, environmental reliability and certification services for its products, and both parties will expand lighting products of different application scenarios, while intertek helps Ole Lighting has its own laboratory to improve technical capabilities.

Intertek Electronics Division South China Director Xie Xijie said: This concludes strategic partnership, will be a common goal with high-efficiency and quality and collaboration, and is committed to The market provides more secure, environmentally friendly, efficient lighting products, give full play to the advantages of both parties, and jointly join hands with the professional lamps of China, the global competitiveness of smart lamp products.

Intertek as the world’s leading quality security service, with more than 100 years of experience in lighting inspection, lighting test laboratories all over Asia, Europe and North America, you can use the shortest The project delivery time meets the needs of various types of testing, inspection, certification and security of lighting products, including electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, performance, energy efficiency, explosion environment, multi-country market access, information and network security and chemical environmental protection. .

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