Mantis Vision and NTT Docomo in Japan, XR Studi

Commonly explored XR technology applications with content creators to Shanghai 2021, 2021 / US News

Commonly explored the future of XR technology in the future

Mantis Vision and NTT Docomo in Japan, XR Studi

Shanghai January 14th / Article 2021, January 2021, NTT Docomo will be in Japan tokyo Telecom Center Building (2-5-10, Tokyo), 2-5-10, 2-5-10, is a 3D studio, which is to develop innovative research with 3D content creators. Mantis Vision (螂)) As a world-leading 3D sensing device and 3D dynamic content capture and sharing technology solution provider, 3D studio 3iosk has incorporated DOCOMO’s 3D studio plan.

The volume video capture technology is a 360-degree character dynamic content using a surround-profile distribution, and transforms it into a realistic 3D holographic image. Users can view 3D content from mobile devices and computers anytime, anywhere. This technology has been applied to entertainment industry, including sports, music videos and games.

Mantis Vision’s 3IOSK studio can take dynamic volume video to be used as 3D content for Ar / VR equipment, virtual content production, and social media. Unlike Mantis Vision’s THE RING series professional 3D studio, 3iosk’s coverage is small, and it is also necessary to do not need green curtain or rendering. It is more suitable for many commercial scenes, including retail stores, museums, events, theme parks and large shopping. center. 3iosk-based patented mask coding mechanism light technology and 3D data capture cameras (VOCAMS) with high-efficiency workflows from scan to sharing, with superior data quality and easy-to-use operation interface.

Mantis Vision-3iosk Studi

Further, the 3IOSK studio is also the world’s leading Real-time flow media transmission function can be moved 3D hologram, viewer can be with 3DThe interest image is interactive, which will be used in the live broadcast of virtual concert, holographic interview, electronic competition and mixed realistic training. DOCOMO will actively promote volume video technology through the establishment of the XR studio, and will cooperate with content creators to continue to explore the new model and direction using XR technology. Mantis Vision-3iosk影棚

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