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Shenzhen January 12, 2021 / US News / – 1 New Quality Seven Rainbow Intel 500 Series

Shenzhen January 12/100/201]

1 New Tentacity

Seven Rainbow Intel 500 Series motherboard new product debut

七彩虹INTEL 500系列主板新品首发 With the advancement of technology, the improvement of each generation of CPU technology is visible, each update Can bring the new experience of the player. In the unique case, in order to usher in a new 2021, Intel will also launch 11th generation, code ROKECT LAKET’s desktop CPU, and the 500 series motherboard released by the LG1200 package is not only supported by the LG1200 package interface. One generation CPU, can also support 10 generation Intel CPUs, so the 500 series motherboard is now released in advance, you can first take a look at the new characteristics of the 500 series motherboard.

The 500 series motherboard supports PCIe 4.0 slots all line, but the 11-generation CPU is required, and the 10-generation CPU does not support PCIe4.0. Players can prepare the PCIe4.0 solid state drive before the new CPU, and only wait for the CPU to buy the CPU to purchase the CPU to enjoy the speed of storage, and the PCIe4.0 graphics card bandwidth upgrade, more qualities will be unlocked.

The B560 chipset will formally unlock memory overclocking, support XMP, support memory overclocking. With the further development of the PC game, many games are increasing in high frequency memory, and Intel also has gradually upgraded support for memory frequencies. Finally, the B560 chipset motherboard will support memory OC, whether it is a key overclocking XMP, or the player manual overclocking to a higher frequency, the B560 motherboard is now fully supported. The H510 chipset motherboard is still supporting 2933/2666/2400 frequency memory.

game center operation interface

Colorful built-in integrated control center Software: IGame center. Igame Center controls the global RGB lighting to make RGB more eye-catching. Also, the hardware parameter monitoring, fan control, and synchronization of the graphics card regulation function are also completed. The seven rainbow 500 series motherboard will fully support the Igame Center, so that the user’s hand-controlled experience is full.

2 First Product Line

game Z590 Vulcan X / Igame Z590 Vulcan W iGame Center操作界面

Igame Z590 Vulcan series, is still the flagship product of Colorant, with super 14 + 2-phase luxury power supply, and 8 + 8PIN CPU power interface, a full set of motherboard overclocking buttons, escorting overclocking players.

As the symbol of Igame, the Voltana image has deeply entered the inner heart, and the product uses Voltana’s stroke drawing in the PCB board decoration. On the bridge armor, the Voltana’s standby lines have made the controllable lighting process of Argb, so that the players’ “Vunte” is vivid. Compared to the upper generation of larger area of ​​graphic scattered hot armor, there is a larger air contact area, which is an extreme cooling protection for the motherboard.

On the line of PCIe 4.0, there are 20 PCIE channels in this series of motherboards, while in Igame Z590 Vulcan, channel shunt technology is used to create 2 players. PCIe 4.0 x8 Slots can use the second to extend additional PCIE4.0 solid state drives. And a native PCIE 4.0 M2 slot.

iGame Z590 Vulcan X/ iGame Z590 Vulcan W At the same time, the seven rainbow will also release the Igame Z590 Vulcan W Series, Ice Vegetables, hot flames, Tibetan and ice, some pure white themes, of course, even PCBs must be white For the players who love the pure white theme to create the puree white installed experience, but also the pride of the seven rainbow’s heat dissipation of the flagship motherboard.

CVN B560M Gaming Pro / CVN B560M Gaming Frozen

CVN E-Competition Series in the previous generation of 400 models, received by the player, in this generation, Our goal creates a high cost-effective game motherboard for “M-ATX version / understanding of the top-level materials”.

CVN B560M Gaming Pro and CVN B560M Gaming Frozen will become the two motherboard models of the CVN Intel 500 series, two products are upgraded to use 10 + 2-phase luxury power supply On the PCIe expansion tank, there is a PCIEX4.0 and 1 PCIEX3.0 slot, all of which are alloy armor slots, on the storage slot, support 1 PCIEX4.0 M.2 slot and 1 PCIEX3.0 M.2 slot.

In terms of heat dissipation, it is still useful to use the previous generation of the cold-frost-free heat dissipation design. On the basis of the previous generation, the volume of the heat sink is greatly increased, a greater extent. Protecting the circuit parts that require heat dissipation, and built an integrated IO panel armor, which is the trouble of installing the IO baffle under the installed user. The Frozen Series in the two products will bring their own WiFi 6 wireless modules, while the classic black pro series has an extended wireless module slot at the IO panel, which can be free to join the wireless network card.

In the subsequent, the CVN series also launches more cost-effective game motherboards, not just M-ATX board, larger ATX version, and the player Looking forward to ITX version.

3 Future


The new generation of CPU represents the new overclocking of the polar users Challenge, on the motherboard BIOS of the colorful rainbow, this time there is also a more obvious big upgrade, the colorful rainbow actively absorbs the opinions and problems present in the previous generation, the goal is the user “custom” overclocking overclocking platform, seven rainbowI have been chasing the overclocking power of the top motherboard. In the new series, we will continue to optimize the upgrade over the overclock, and in the new year, bring a series of corresponding activities to overclocking and DIY players, I hope to receive more Feedback of players.

In addition, the colorful rainbow will also launch a new topic motherboard product, the internal tunition name: Project O, and the uppercase O, representative Outstanding, meaning “outstanding”, representing the brand’s goals and consisting of this product.

On other subsequent released products, the colorful rainbow will also do better, including the “ITX version” motherboard, including the trend player. And Tomahawk Battle-AX series with stability and durability.

BATTLE-AX B560M Gaming V20

Specific motherboard parameters and motherboard opening, will be on January 12, 2021 The CES exhibition in the day is officially unveiled, and will continue to make more detailed out-of-box evaluation, so stay tuned to the product released by the colorful rainbow!

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