Two awards of the best suppliers of 5G industry special networks have set off 5G “Wave” with strength.

On January 15, 2021 / US Department / – 2020, my country’s 5G construction has made important progress, built a world’s largest 5G network, accumulated 5

Beijing, 2021, January 15th / Article / – 2020, my country’s 5G construction has achieved important progress, built a world’s largest 5G network, 718,000 5G base station, promoted the shared sharing of 5G base station 33 Ten thousand. 5G application flowers everywhere, “Blooming Cup” event ignited 5G innovative enthusiasm. At the same time, cloud network integration acceleration, the willingness of the clouds in SMEs gradually landed, double gigabit, three gigably, etc., widely wide popular in the country, network security capacity is gradually improved, and the traditional industry has realized digital transformation. ICT industry finds a chance, seizing opportunities, and successfully interpret what is “reverse growth”.

2020 is the first year of 5G formal commercial use. Among the year, 5G application integrated in thousands of people, such as spring bamboo shoots. Recently, in the “2020 ICT Industry Dragon Tiger List” hosted by the All-Media of Communications, the Wave Group has won the “2020 ICT Integrated Strength Enterprise Award” in one fell swoop. “2020 5G industry special network Best Supplier Prize” two awards, real lottery.

5G industry special network best supplier, set off a new wave of 5G special network

Industrial and Information Ministry The Director of the Information Communication Development Division has pointed out that my country is facing a multi-challenge such as high-end industries in developed countries, the low-end industry to move to the third world movement, accelerate the transformation of digital, networked, intelligent in various industries, and enhance all kinds of products in my country. Global competitiveness is more urgent. In the 5G era, the 5G private network is the primary rigid need for industry transformation and upgrading.

Under the big tide of development, the wave stands out, and the use of fresh cases shows what is the “Textbook” level 5G industry private network. For example, the wave of 5G industry specialtics network, the 5G Kuchong Network, which has been built, has opened the application in Shenzhen City Artificial Intelligence and Robot Institute, 5G network technology, 5G application technology innovation development research and practice growth; Factory specialized in the manufacturing industry has landed in Shandong, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanxi and other provinces and cities, achieving clouding AVG, industrial quality inspection camera, AR / VR collaboration, HD videoScene applications, help 5G Energy Industry.

Inspur, Yun Wei 5G industry special network, can meet differentiated industrial scene applications, can be used for industrial manufacturing, energy, transportation logistics, port terminal, medical health, and teaching The different scenarios of thousands of industry, etc. provide application solutions. At the same time, the wave not only provides the full stack of Yun Wei 5G industry network, but also provides one-stop delivery service such as pre-sales consultation, program design, platform development, system delivery, data operation, and rapid construction of 5G network for various industries. Apply a full range of services and support. 2020, 5G industry special network is the best supplier, the wave is worthy. Two awards of the best suppliers of 5G industry special networks have set off 5G "Wave" with strength.

In addition to the 5G industry special network, the wave group as a new generation of information technology leaders, but also deep tillage in smart cities, industrial Internet, 5G applications, cloud services and other fields. , Empower 5G high quality development. In the 5G era, Based on cloud primary, open, integration, intelligent design concept, the wave creates two major categories of edge calculation and industry-oriented 5G network, including edge computing management platform IECM, edge computing one machine IAIO, end computing gateway ITGW 5G mobile communication base station IRAN, 5G lightweight core network icore, open user-faced network element IUPF and other cloud 5G series products. Wave Kong Yun 5G, meet the needs of different 5G application scenarios in industry customers, has been in 5G Kuguchui private network, 5G smart factory, 5G smart park, 5G smart community, 5G smart venue, 5G wisdom water conservancy, 5G wisdom, etc. Multi-field practical application. It is these excellent products and applications, allowing the wave to prove its hard strength and industry recognition in the ICT industry.

Annual ICT comprehensive strength company, interpretation is reality to the name of

As a 2020 ICT industry dragon tiger list Excellent solutions are selected in the most popular awards, and the wave and many powerful ICT companies are finally high, and finally won the honor of the 2020 ICT Integrated Strength Award with their own strength.

Instead of China’s leading cloud computing, big data service providers,Wave information, wave software, wave international 3 listed companies, business covers the cloud data center, cloud service big data, smart city, smart enterprise four industrial groups, forming four levels of IaaS, PaaS, Daas, Saas Solution service capabilities, fully support the information construction of government and enterprises, which has provided IT products and services for more than one hundred and more countries and regions around the world.

Looking at the 5G development overall situation, enterprises that can quickly transform 5G opportunities will occupy the lead. As a long-term industry digital transformation practice, it is possible to fusion of clouds and good ecological integration capabilities “Cloud + AI” new Internet enterprises, and the wave provides operators to provide cloud equipment, 5G network products, operational support, large data analysis. Services and localized technical support services such as service and DICT solutions provide enterprises with a variety of technical services such as edge computing, 5G industry special network, and smart parks, which increase their own dividends through services such as intelligent manufacturing. In the communications industry, the slum of many business covers 156 customers in 31 provinces and cities in China, overseas countries and regions. At the same time, the wave and operators have worked for a long-term DICT aspects, have formed solutions and cases in 20 industries and fields such as government affairs, transportation, energy, smart cities, smart parks, political and law, environmental protection, forestry and other fields. I won the 2020 ICT Comprehensive Strength Enterprise Award, and the wave used the strength to interpret anything.

The iron is still hard! In 2020, the wave has obtained the “2020 ICT Integrated Strength Enterprise Award” and “2020 ICT Integrated Network Best Supplier Award” by its own strength, which is both an industrial to the wave of trend, and the wave is handed over to her 2020. The year is perfect. I believe in 2021, as a new generation of cloud networks to integrate 5G products and service providers, the wave will continue to advocate network architecture and service open, further promote the cloud number of 智 + 5G depth, help industrial technology progress, promote the development of the industry, and new stairs !

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